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The Day-Light Being Used While Making a Phone Call
"Recommended by the non-profit Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET)."  
The Day-Light Being Used in a Kitchen

Guaranteed Five-Year Limited Warranty

Day-Light Classic

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Day-Light Classic Specifications:

Model No.
DL 930
Day-Light Classic
Description Details
UL & C-UL Listed
Enclosure Size 13.25" x 16" x 3"
(33.7 cm x 40.6 cm x 7.6 cm)
Height on Legs Max: 28" (71.1 cm), Mid: 26.5" (67cm),
Min: 25" (63.5cm)
Weight of Light 6.5 lbs (3.0 kg)
Electronic Ballasts Instant on, no flicker
Lens Material High-impact polycarbonate
UV Diffusing Filter 99.3% UV filter
Two-Way Switch
a) 3 light setting
b) 2 light setting

10,000 lux
7,000 lux
Light Tubes:
Compact fluorescent 3 x 36 watt compact fluorescent
4,000 Kelvin color temperature
Five-year limited warranty
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