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"Recommended by the non-profit Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET)."  
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"I sleep better at night, it took a little longer for me, but it works. Also, just noticed more energy during the day. Before my Day-Light, I just lazed around tired all of the time, and I napped a lot. I didn't sleep well at night and found myself waking up throughout the night. Now I am more energized."
-Kathy DeWitt - McAdam, NB

"I shopped for a light therapy device both locally and on the Internet. I chose my Day-Light because the price was competitive and the Uplift staff knowledgeable. I ended up purchasing from an e-commerce site. I received the merchandise within a few days, and began a new morning ritual: 30 minutes of coffee & sunshine. It's the best investment I've made in myself in quite some time."
-Pam Hansen Barnard - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"So far, I find your product excellent. Without the use of this light in the morning, I do not wake up properly and as a result have trouble sleeping at night."
-Tom Dupont - Kincardine, ON

"The lamp is great and I use it most every day. On the few days that I cannot use it, I truly feel the difference. I get up a few minutes earlier per day and I read the morning paper in front of the lamp. Your product is a quality of life saver."
-Diane Lamarche - Ottawa, ON

"My Day-Light system quite measurably exceeds 10,000 lux at the distance the company specifies! This has shown me that the Day-Light systems are of higher quality, and provide more enhanced use than one would expect from the very reasonable price. The Day-Light technology allows total non-interference with my concurrent use of other electronics. The company vigorously stands behind their products. This truly unique combination of factors, verified by long-term personal Day-Light 10K use, has lead me to highly recommend them for years."
-Dr. C. Dee
Dr. C. Dee has studied and used light therapy since 1985, and has a Master's degree in Psychiatric Social Work, a PhD in Counseling Psychology and over 30-years experience as a clinician in hospitals, clinics and private practice.

"My daily routine includes getting up and going to the computer. Now I am keener to go there as I feel I get therapeutic benefits as well. I do feel more motivated and seem to have a more positive outlook on life. I find myself encouraging others to buy one. I do feel more awake when I head into the darkness to start my day at work. Also, my power bill is no higher than without it. I seem to need fewer lights on when the Day-Light is in use."
-Catharine Mains - Fort Providence, NT

"I like that the Day-Light is compact and versatile. Not only that but it is both functional as a work light and therapeutic."
-Julie Harrison - Regina, SK

"I feel that your product helps me maintain a daily routine with some sense of stability. Without the use of the Day-Light I found I was missing days and days of work at a time because I just didn't have the energy to even get out of bed. With Day-Light I am able to be at work everyday and do my job much better. I believe in your product 100 per cent. I know it works because I am living proof that it does. My life has changed dramatically because Day-Light and I thank you for it."
-Denise - Shoreview, MN

"I like that it can be used on a stand, affixed to a wall or used with the detachable legs."
-Toni Williams - Belton, MO

"The Day-Light helps to elevate my mood. I like that it is compact and easy to use. Winters in Ottawa are long and the days are short. I think most people would feel energized (as I do) after using Day-Light for a few minutes every morning. I find that I can do more because I have more energy. It's a great product. Everyone should try it!"
-Nancy L. Daly - Ottawa, ON

"So far so good - from feeling very low this fall. I've not had one bad day since starting to use the light. Sometimes I feel like a warmth and calm comes over me when I use the light. In the early stage (first 8 weeks), I found I actually looked forward to sitting in front of it. I encourage anyone feeling low, sad or depressed to give it a try. It's just such an easy, painless, safe remedy for a serious problem."
-Paula Neal - Burlington, ON

"I am sleeping better and have more energy during the day. The Day-Light works perfectly in my studio during the day and gives me a feeling of sunshine in there. We are buried under snow here, so things are only sunny because of my Day-Light!"
-Denise Hoag - Sherwood Park, AB

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