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The Day-Light Being Used While Making a Phone Call
"Recommended by the non-profit Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET)."  
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Marketing Tools:

  • Brochures:
  • Question & Answer Pamphlets:
    This pamphlet includes the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding light therapy and the use of the Day-Light. It is available in both English and French.
  • Day-Light POS
    The Day-Light POS includes a table-top brochure holder that holds 25 Day-Light brochures and 25 Q & As.
  • Day-Light Pre-Pack Sell Sheet
    This sell sheet provides details on the pre-pack and its value and effectiveness for our customer. The back provides specifications on both the pre-pack and the individual Day-Light unit.
  • Pre-Pack
    The Day-Light pre-pack is a retail friendly, off-shelf display opportunity to enable quick product turns enhancing sales and profits. It was designed for display during the peak light therapy season which begins in late September/ early October. The use of this marketing vehicle will eliminate the use of valuable shelf space while giving you the opportunity to promote the market leading light therapy product. The pre-pack includes 4 salable Day-Light units, a backer card which holds educational material (25 brochures and 25 Q & A pamphlets) for your customers and a two-tiered display unit.

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