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"Recommended by the non-profit Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET)."  
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Industry Standards:

The Center for Environmental Therapeutics (, a not-for-profit professional organization, has specified criteria for light box selection to ensure user safety and effective treatment. When choosing a bright light therapy system, these standards should be used to guide the selection. Day-Lights meet these standards.

  1. Designed based on university clinical trials
  2. Produces 10,000 LUX outdoor light level at a comfortable distance
  3. Adequate field of illumination so users can keep their eyes in the therapeutic field of light
  4. Emits balanced White light for eye safety rather than colored light that may be ineffective or potentially damaging to the eyes
  5. UV filtered protection to protect the eyes and skin
  6. Projects light downward to mimic the sun and minimize glare
  7. Uses a glare-free diffusion screen to balance the light for visual comfort. Bare bulbs or LED's may emit sharp points of light that take the force the users' eyes out of the therapeutic range
  8. Color temperature should be in the 3000-5000 Kelvin range for comfortable usage. As color temperature increases, so too does the amount of glare and blue light
  9. Should be equipped with high-efficiency ballasts to avoid flicker that may cause headaches. (Inferior magnetic ballasts operate at only 60 cycles per second.)
  10. Includes adjustable height for optimal positioning for the user
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